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Architecture Department


The Department of Architecture is one of the specialized departments of Parivar Holding, which is managed by Mr. Milad Parivar. The specialized field of activity of this department is: Ideation of construction, commercial, office, residential, villa architecture, interior architecture, foreign architecture, decoration design, execution and implementation


Parivar Architecture Department

The specialized field of activity of this department is: idea of ​​construction, commercial, office, residential, villa architecture, interior architecture, exterior architecture, decoration design, drawing, execution and implementation and participation in construction. Emphasis on the importance of research, loyalty to the conceptual design and use of knowledge of international standards in order to emphasize the demands of esteemed customers and dear colleagues and as a trustworthy representative of esteemed employers, by providing various services to achieve a residential, office complex Or luxury business, serving them. Achieving such a cost-effective approach requires extensive research and study, consulting with scholars and technicians, and performing many other tasks. Our experts and consultants will be with their valued customers from the first stages of the project, including the selection of materials and design to the final design and completion of executive operations with the best quality of management, taking into account the desired taste and budget. Obviously, all the steps will be finalized and implemented step by step with the full coordination of the employers and after reaching a complete agreement, so that the constructed complex will be as close as possible to their ideal design. Full satisfaction and customer satisfaction is the main goal and secret of our service continuity


Interior Design

By understanding the nature of space, Parivar Architecture Department designs and decorates interiors with a more and more useful space approach. Using its knowledge and experience in interior design and architecture, the department helps you make the best and smartest decision in the face of a part of the space that has an unusual and incomplete shape. Finally, knowing the basic concepts of decoration, such as scale and proportions, will help you achieve your ideal architecture and interior design.


Facade section

Building facade design has a significant impact on people's perception and perception of the quality and construction of any construction project. The exterior of the building is the identity of a building that should be in line with the texture of the facade of adjacent buildings. The facade of buildings is the main component of the building and the exterior of each building is the builder of the body and the mental image of the citizens of that city. Accordingly, facade design is one of the most important factors in the construction industry. Parivar Architecture Department serves you as a specialized architectural department with many years of experience and experience in all stages of facade design and exterior of the building.


Implementation section

Parivar Architecture Department, with its experienced executive team, has been one of the 100 most experienced construction teams in the field of building construction and participation in the construction of zero construction. For the construction of the building and the construction of the villa, as well as landscaping and construction of domestic and commercial swimming pools, etc. It presents itself in construction


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