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Consulting Department


The counseling department is one of the specialized departments of Parivar Holding, which is managed by Mr.Mohammad Parivar.Specialized field of activity of this department are: investment. Financial. Economics, specialized sales consulting, economic and commercial psychology, business, hotel management, advertising, luxury, business education and hotel management


Parivar Consulting Department

Specialized field of activity of this department: investment. Financial. Economics, specialized sales advice, economic and business consulting, business, hotel management, advertising, luxury, business education and hotel management.


Business Consulting

Consulting means getting professional help and information from people who have specialization and knowledge in a particular field. Getting information and advice in all areas can be effective and efficient; issues such as science, family, business, economics, finance, business, etc. can be helpful in solving the problem. Business consulting is one of the types of consulting, guidance and receiving information. If you need to start a business or startup, we suggest that you consult with the Parivar Consulting Department before starting your project.


Trading Consulting

Providing business advice on importing and exporting goods is a specialized business. A good business consultant can act as a catalyst in business, and when business changes, it can give business owners and business people new perspectives and guide them in choosing the right path for the business. The job of all business consultants is to provide advice. But the thing that sets a good consultant apart from a bad consultant is the expertise in international business and business consulting.  Having up-to-date and accurate information in the field of business, correct thinking and proper analysis of issues are the capabilities of a strong consultant in the field of trade and commerce. The Parivar Consulting Department offers the best solution and the fastest route, with expert consultants in the field of business and business consulting services. The department's business experts analyze the issues being consulted and provide logical, legal solutions to traders to achieve their goals.


Business Education

Education has been one of the most important categories in the advanced world and human life in all ages and today it has become the most important thing in today's human life that human progress can be learned from education, understanding the knowledge hidden in it and in the last stage using that knowledge and Learned training knows that the training department of Parivar department with the best professors are at your service professionally dear ones.


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