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Luxury Department


Luxury Department is one of the specialized departments of Parivar Holding, which is managed by Mr. Milad Parivar. Specialized field of activity of this department: jewelry, fashion and clothing, cosmetics and beauty, perfume and cologne, decoration, luxury cars


Parivar Luxury Department Objectives

Help customers of brands, luxury brands to identify, choose, buy, use and approve products and services Presented in the world

The most important goal of this department is to position luxury brands from all over the world to the audience

Establish cooperation between different brands with this department

Creating specialized infrastructure for traders and customers in different luxury areas

Implementation of the phase-in schedule and set up luxury business

Delivery of customized goods based on customer order registration completely unique


Jewelry Section

In the gold and jewelry section, with the expertise of all experts, all the requests of the esteemed customers from the design stage to the production and delivery are done in a unique way.

Bag and shoes section

In this section, you will see luxury bags, shoes and the world's top brands

Stationery Section

In the stationery section of the luxury department, you can see all kinds of accessories and accessories for luxury commercial and office sets.

Luxury for everybody

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